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Monarch Ridge RV Park

Rimrock AZ
24 Spacious Parking Spots

Park Rules

Please Observe These Rules At All Times


Our Rates Include Up To Two Adults and Three Children (12 and Under) Per Space
Additional Guests 12 and Over: $3.00 per person per night

$40.00 Per night up to 4 nights / Holidays may vary
$225.00 Per week (5 nights or longer)/ Holiday weeks may vary
$400.00 Monthly (15 days or longer – paid in advance) PLUS electrical usage – each space is individually metered. A $50 electricity deposit is required and will be applied to the final month’s usage. Full refund will be provided for over-payment on final amount.


All RVs and Motor-homes 10 years and older must send pictures to monarchridge@hotmail.com for approval prior to your stay.

General Information:

Each space is 30 x 60. You are responsible for parking your personal RV/Motor Home. Your space also comes with two 10’X 20′ parking spaces in front of your RV. No other vehicle parking is allowed. All drives and walkways must be kept clear of items at all times.

VERY IMPORTANT PARKING INFO: There are 2 marked entrances/exits. You MUST pull into the correct entrance to successfully back into your space. Odd number spaces plus Spaces 12 and 14 will enter through Entrance #1, Even number spaces except for Spaces 12 and 14 will enter through Entrance #2.

Park Warning Signs:

Monarch Ridge RV Park has a beautiful walk path to our upper elevation dog run and picnic area. While taking in the beautiful views, you MUST follow the warning signs posted. Do not cross into areas deemed unsafe or injury can result that the Park WILL NOT be held responsible for.

Long Term Guests:

It is our goal to maintain a beautiful, clean, and clutter free park for all guests to enjoy. Therefore, guests must email requests to monarchridge@hotmail.com with a detailed outline of any structures, overhangs, sheds, planters, fencing, etc for approval. If at any time your space is out of compliance, you will receive a “write up” requesting changes. You will then have 30 days to comply. If you receive 3 “write ups” you may be subject to eviction procedures.

Pet Policy:

The park has a ban on the following breeds: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pitchers. There is a limit of TWO pets per space. Dogs MUST REMAIN on a leash and under your control. There is a dog run area available, but is your responsibility to make sure your pet is friendly with other pet owners and pets. If there are any issues with your pet, YOU are responsible for immediate restraint. You may be evicted if you do not or are unable to restrain your pet or there are continuing issues with your pet. You must also clean up after your pets.

Park Etiquette:

1) Speed limit within the park is 10 MPH
2) Quite time is 9:00 pm – 7:00 am
3) Smoking is only permitted within your personal RV Space and must not interfere with other’s enjoyment of clean air. If you are outside and upwind of others please move away or put it out.
4) Please be considerate of others ‘at all times’


Monarch Ridge RV Park wants to maintain a friendly, clean, and safe park.
The park reserves the right to enforce eviction if any compliance items are not being met including quiet times out of respect to other guests.
There is zero tolerance for drugs or violence on the property.
There are no refunds.

Monarch Ridge RV Park is NOT responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property. You may be held responsible for any damage to property owned by Monarch Ridge.

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